FastForward is a coordinated suite of resources designed to efficiently move technologies from startup to marketplace.

With innovations in an array of markets from drug development to manufacturing and digital health, FastForward startups are bringing myriad life-changing technologies to market.


Startup Resources

Developing a startup into a sustainable business is a rewarding but challenging endeavor. To equip entrepreneurs for success, FastForward provides a range of supportive programs and resources such as legal and accounting support, access to information resources, fundraising and networking,

Startup Funding

As startups meet development milestones, their funding needs evolve. FastForward helps startups identify opportunities and secure funding at any stage - from translational non-dilutive grants to seed and series A funding.

Affordable Space

Strategically located across Baltimore, the FastForward innovation hubs provide turnkey solutions to startup’s space needs, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their true value drivers.

Our Portfolio Companies

Hopkins startups leverage the university’s world-class research assets and the innovation infrastructure of FastForward. Our portfolio includes 160+ disruptive companies in areas ranging from the life sciences to engineering technology and digital health.


Industry sponsors play an essential role in the advancement of discovery and the vibrancy of Baltimore’s innovation ecosystem.

FastForward Events

Our FastForward innovation hubs host regular educational programs and workshops that help entrepreneurs develop skills, such as pitching and startup management.


Interested in learning more about FastForward? Contact our Associate Director of Startup Advancement.

Mark VanderZyl

Associate Director, Startup Advancement