Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer


JHTV’s Technology Transfer Office brings the benefits of discovery to the world by supporting the commercialization of ideas and discoveries that push the boundaries of scientific and industrial possibility.

Whether computer program, machine, composition of matter, medical device or improved process, our Technology Transfer group determines an invention’s commercial potential, advises on issues of marketability and commercial policies, and helps navigate patenting and startup considerations.

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Submit a report of invention

From a report of invention to patent application and licensing, JHTV provides inventors with a responsive, transparent process that efficiently moves discoveries, products and services to market.


License a technology

With more than 2,000 inventions available across many disciplines, JHTV regularly works with industry, executing more than 160 licenses and options in 2016 alone. We invite you to search our technology database or to discuss licensing opportunities with a portfolio director specializing in your area of interest.


Initiate a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Before sharing proprietary or confidential information with an investor, industry representative or other entity, we recommend researchers have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This document, also known as a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) or secrecy agreement, specifies how recipients will protect and use the confidential information.


Initiate a material transfer agreement (MTA)

A material transfer agreement (MTA) sets the conditions of transfer and use of tangible research materials—including biological materials, chemicals and software—between two parties for the recipient’s own independent research purposes.

By setting these conditions, the MTA protects proprietary interest in the material and restricts distribution.


Meet our team

Have questions for our Tech Transfer group? Our team is happy to help.