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On a mission to bring discovery’s benefits to the world, JHTV facilitates industry collaborations that translate the novel work of Johns Hopkins researchers into real-world applications.


License a technology

From a report of invention to patent application and licensing, JHTV aspires to provide inventors with a responsive, transparent process that efficiently moves their novel scientific and industrial discoveries, products and services to market.


Collaborate with researchers

Strategic industry collaborations are yet another way to move discoveries from Johns Hopkins labs into the marketplace. Johns Hopkins manages a number of these relationships across a variety of disciplines, including imaging, oncology, ophthalmology, point-of-care diagnostics and others.


Initiate MTA

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) allow researchers to exchange chemicals, software, data and other materials for research purposes. These contracts outline what is being exchanged, IP rights, shipping requirements and health and safety risks.


Initiate NDA

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), also known as Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA), enable researchers to share proprietary and confidential information for a limited purpose and contractually obligate recipients from disclosing it to a third party.


Meet our startups

The entrepreneurs and technologies that power our startups come from across all Johns Hopkins University schools and have a variety of focuses.