From Lab to Market

Funding is a critical input for the advancement of any discovery. We can help you navigate a set of funding sources that are specifically designed to support the commercial advancement of academic technologies. This funding can cover the cost of early stage research, technology development, proof of concept studies and prototyping, clinical trials and venture creation.

Types of Funding

Sponsored Research

Researchers may want to consider a sponsored research agreement with a corporate partner to advance research in a targeted, translational fashion. JHTV helps to source, establish and manage these partnerships with industry, allowing investigators to focus on the science.

Translational Funding

Several local and university grant programs are available to fund specific technology development projects. Competitive award processes operate throughout the year on annual cycles, and mentors are available to help investigators apply for and manage these grant projects.

Startup Funding

Once a startup company has been formed, new types of capital become available. This includes state and federal funds that target small technology companies as well as private investors and venture capital firms, with which JHTV cultivates relationships.

Student Funding

FastForward U, the University’s hub for student entrepreneurship, administers a number of funding opportunities designed solely for students. These include pitch competitions, accelerator prizes, and competitive grant programs.