Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) outline the rights and obligations (i.e. rights of publication, inventorship, liability, etc.) of parties exchanging tangible and intangible research material.  All transfers of research material in and out of Johns Hopkins University need to be memorialized by a MTA, and that starts with submitting a request to our office.

JHTV reviews MTAs that cover a wide variety of, but not all, materials. If your transfer falls under any of the follow three categories, you will need to contact the appropriate research administration office (listed below).

  • A sponsor-controlled research study
  • A funded or unfunded collaborative study between Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the provider of the materials
  • For research involving patients or protected health information, clinical testing or procedures or drug/device testing in humans or any planning/lab/clinical service in support of such clinical research

Johns Hopkins University Research Administration Offices

School of Medicine (ORA)
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (BARA)
All Other Schools (JHURA)


If the material being sent is a human tissue sample collected at Johns Hopkins, including associated data or immortalized cell lines derived from human tissue samples, PLEASE ALSO COMPLETE the Biospecimen Transfer Information (BTI) Sheet and email it to [email protected]


For more information on MTAs, please email us.

Material Transfer Agreements