Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures is committed to supporting a diverse community of innovators who reflect the human differences that enrich our society and our institution. The field of commercialization has traditionally been dominated by the most privileged groups in our society, resulting in significant untapped potential and under-resourced ideas. By fostering an innovation community at Johns Hopkins that is characterized by excellence and inclusion, we can hasten and strengthen discovery.


Focused Initiatives

JHTV defines diversity broadly but is particularly focused on correcting the under-representation that exists due to gender, race, and ethnicity. At the core of our work is the desire to connect, inspire, and celebrate.


Dedicated to changing the face of inventorship at Johns Hopkins, JHTV celebrates the achievements of under-represented minorities and individuals of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to connect these innovators with compatible programs and resources across and beyond our institution.

Women in Innovation

Across campus, women are bringing research to practice through applied research, translation, and entrepreneurship. Through our virtual community of star women inventors and educational events, we recognize and encourage Johns Hopkins women in tech.

Based on the best available data, using URM as defined by Johns Hopkins University.