Calling all Johns Hopkins innovators looking to bring technologies to the world through licensing and venture creation. We are here to help.

Johns Hopkins has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 140 years. This rich history continues today, evidenced by the hundreds of reports of invention JHTV that receives each year. JHTV aims to provide our researchers, faculty and staff everything they need to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.

Other Commercialization Resources

May we suggest these additional sources of guidance and support?

Commercialization Strategy

Researchers with early-stage projects can connect with our Technology Development team for advice on commercialization strategy and help with making connections to resources.

Things to Consider in Commercializing Technology

JHTV wants inventors' work adopted for the benefit of society and is eager to assist. Here are a few points to consider before heading down the path of commercialization.

Collaborate with Industry

Academic investigators can gain important perspectives, access and support from industry partners. We specialize in brokering and managing large collaborations grounded in sponsored research.


JHTV's Mentors-in-Residence and MII Site Miners are passionate supporters of university commercialization and are eager to lend their expertise.


The I-Corps program helps faculty to identify valuable product opportunities that can emerge from academic research and gain skills in entrepreneurship through training in customer discovery.

University Intellectual Property Policy

To more efficiently bring the benefits of discovery to the world, Johns Hopkins has developed policies and guidelines that incentivize commercial development of intellectual and other property and protect the integrity of research.

JHTV Digital Library

Our one-stop resource center for Johns Hopkins innovators. This collection of documents and videos provides inventors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to consume information about JHTV, commercialization, and startups in their own time.

Read the Inventor's Guide

This brief offers an interactive overview of the technology transfer process and the services offered at JHTV. It also touches on the commercialization process and other common topics, policies and processes inventors may encounter.