FastForward is a suite of resources within JHTV that serves as a catalyst for the advancement and commercialization of an array of innovations that are derived both at the University and elsewhere. The goal of FastForward is to help early ventures increase the probability of realizing their potential and to bring innovation and life-changing technologies to market.

As a Johns Hopkins University entity, FastForward has high expectations for its members. The following are requirements of accepted members:

  • Equity priced on 1st institutional round (Only for companies that do not have a license to JHU technology)
  • High impact, high growth venture backed type opportunities
  • Market potential that is sufficiently large and reasonable
  • Business model reasonably aligned with value proposition
  • Team experience or expertise aligned with company’s future growth
  • Potential to elevate our region’s credibility in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Timely data and metrics

Join FastForward

FastForward members include tenants of our innovation hubs, virtual members who have licensed technology from Johns Hopkins and non-Hopkins entities that have completed our rigorous application process. Accepted members gain access to all FastForward resources and benefits.


Interested in applying to FastForward? Contact our Associate Director of Startup Advancement.

Mark VanderZyl

Associate Director, Startup Advancement