Developing a startup into a sustainable business presents unfamiliar challenges. FastForward accelerates the growth of early-stage ventures by providing basic legal and accounting support, access to information resources, networking opportunities and more.


Each of our FastForward members is paired with one or more mentors who have successfully built, sold and invested in startup companies.

Network of Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (NEST)

Comprised of JHTV mentors that provide a particular, valuable perspective or expertise on a volunteer/ad-hoc basis, members of the NEST have also participated as speakers, judges and donors.

Site Miners

Site miners at Hopkins help faculty apply for funding awards and act as technology transfer consultants to guide researchers through the application process.

Support Services

To navigate the challenging startup landscape, FastForward members have access to a variety of services from basic accounting and legal assistance to business analysis and IT infrastructure support.

I-Corps Program

The I-Corps program is an immersive learning experience developed by the National Science Foundation for researchers, faculty, and students to determine if the problem they are working to solve exists on a larger scale in the market.

Educational Resources

FastForward regularly hosts webinars that feature guests who provide their expertise to educate our startup founders about best practices for launching and scaling successful startups.

Startup Career Opportunities

Many of JHTV’s FastForward startups are looking for exceptional employees to join their teams.