Startup Webinars & Panels

FastForward invites industry experts to participate in webinars and panels to educate startup founders on best practices for launching and scaling successful startups. Watch and learn below.

Emerging CEO Panel Session 1: Idea Stage & Planning

Topics: What does a startup CEO do, finding a startup CEO and discovery to market. Featuring: Doug Falk, CEO, Vita Therapeutics; Ric Hughen, CEO, Linshom and JHTV MIR; and Kristen Valdes, CEO, b.well Connected Health

Emerging CEO Panel Session 2: Getting it Off the Ground

Topics: One-year operating plan, building the founder team, advisory board and raising capital. Featuring: Jesse Christopher, CEO, Longeviti Neuro Solutions; Dan Roche, Founder, Qualytics / JHTV MIR; Ellington West, CEO, Sonavi Labs.

Emerging CEO Panel Session 4: Scaling & Keeping it Going

Topics: Building the operating team, managing your startup, building and sustaining culture and managing turnover and turmoil. Featuring: Steven Bannon, Human Resources Executive; Nick Culberton, CEO, Protenus; Graham Dodge, Former CEO, Sickweather/JHTV MIR; and Ben Gibbs, CEO, Ready Robotics.

Emerging CEO Panel Session 5: Commercializing Digital Solutions

Topics: MVP and user feedback, protecting your competitive advantage, customer growth and scaling. Featuring: Sally Frank, WW Lead health and Life Sciences, Microsoft for Startups; Gorkem Sevinc, Founder and CEO at Qualytics; and Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder / Co-CEO at Burnalong.

Emerging CEO Panel Session 6: SBIR Grants

Topics: Non-dilutive funding, the differences between RO1 and SBIR-STTR, the grant process, turning a Phase I into a Phase II, and working with consultants. Featuring: Sarah Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Relavo; Brian Lipford, Founding Partner of Key Tech; and Kelvin Liu, VP, Tech Dev of Pacific Bioscience and CEO, Founder of Circulomics.

Emerging CEO Panel Session 7: Equity Compensation & Cap Table Management

Topics: Tying equity with positions, incentives, common mistakes, cap table best practices, and making it easy to invest. Featuring: Sherrod Davis, Chief Operating Officer at EcoMap Technologies; Matt Hellauer, Managing Partner at PTX Capital; and Bill Stevens, Chief Financial Officer at Previse

Emerging CEO Panel Session 8: Regulator Strategies: Medical Devices & Digital Technologies

Topics: Determining the regulatory pathway, working with consultants, pre-submissions, 510(k) and predicate devices, medical devices, digital, and other regulatory paths, and ties to clinical trial design. Featuring: Peter Hoban, VP, Product Strategy at Oncospace; David Narrow, CEO at Sonavex; Kelliann Wachrathit-Kub, Regulatory Affairs Consultant and Mentor-in-Residence at JHTV

Open Source Beyond GitHub

Topics: Understanding the critical role open source can play in universities, corporations, and the government. Featuring: Randal Burns, Chair, Computer Science Department at Johns Hopkins, Founder and CEO of Gigantum; Sayeed Choudhury, Director, OSPO, Carnegie Mellon; Dan Roche, Successful serial entrepreneur and investor; and Andrew Wichmann, Software Intellectual Property Manager, JHTV.