Calling all social innovators of Baltimore!

The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) at Johns Hopkins University accelerates emerging ventures and leaders that seek to change Baltimore and the world. SIL provides funding, advising and mentorship, training, technical assistance, office space, and network access to help these innovative mission-driven companies and disruptive technologies develop into thriving, sustainable ventures that make a measurable impact.


SIL seeks driven, thoughtful applicants who are:

  • Deliberate in developing a potential solution rooted in personal
    experience or extensive research
  • Willing to exert extraordinary dedication to make the potential solution a reality
  • Enthusiastic about joining a learning community and sharing resources and open-minded in their approach


  • Working towards a solution with a stated social or environmental impact.
  • Applications may be submitted for ventures that are in the prototype/pilot phase (for at least six months) or already launched and operating. Ventures should be able to demonstrate accomplishments, traction, or impact.
  • Entrepreneurs should be currently based in, focusing on, or intending to engage/form partnerships in the greater Baltimore area. 
  • Applications are welcome from Johns Hopkins students, staff, and faculty, as well as non-affiliates of Johns Hopkins University.
  • Ventures may be non-profit, for-profit, or not yet incorporated.
  • We welcome and encourage applications from diverse and traditionally underrepresented founders.