The Commercialization Academy

The Commercialization Academy

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The Commercialization Academy provides experiential learning opportunities to select graduate and undergraduate students interested in the commercial assessment and marketing of Johns Hopkins technologies.

In addition to exposing fellows to emerging technologies and commercialization pathways, the program’s curriculum includes networking and career exploration opportunities.



The Commercialization Academy has two distinct aims:

To provide scientifically trained graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with technology transfer experience that opens opportunities to diverse careers.

To deepen technically-minded undergraduate students’ relationships with the university while providing a hands-on program that fulfills the institution’s mission to bring life-changing discoveries to the world.

Selection Criteria

Commercialization Academy fellows have:

  • Broad-based intellectual curiosity that extends beyond their area of expertise
  • An ability to think abstractly and communicate clearly
  • A passion for problem solving and persuasive storytelling
  • The desire to work hard and to receive coaching


Meet our current fellows


Read what alums Leah Walker and Michael Wormald have to say about the program



A Commercialization Academy fellow must be a full-time undergraduate student, master’s student, PhD candidate or postdoctoral fellow.

Unfortunately, federal regulations limit participation in the Commercialization Academy to United States citizens. Non-citizens cannot participate.



Commercialization Academy fellows spend about eight hours per week working in the program and are compensated for their time.

Undergraduate and master’s students accepted into the Commercialization Academy make a two-year commitment. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows must discuss this internship with their PI or faculty mentor before making a commitment, which typically lasts one year.


Application Process

Applications are accepted twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. Please stay tuned for more information about the Fall 2019 application cycle.

The CA will be attending The Johns Hopkins University Fall 2019 Career Fair on Sept. 26 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. if you want to learn more about the program.


To learn more or to apply, email the Commercialization Academy (