Fellows have also co-founded JHU spinout companies such as emocha and work in venture capital, consulting, the US Patent and Trademark Office, and university technology transfer offices nationwide.

These recent graduates of the Commercialization Academy program are flourishing in their current roles in the innovation field:

Sanjay Elangovan
Cybersecurity Software Engineer
Kristin Poti
Technology Specialist
Lando & Anastasi, LLP
Rodrigo Lamas
Product Innovation
Samiksha Ramesh
Technical Advisor
Ropes & Gray LLP
Maya Lapinski
Biomedical Engineer
Ashley Stewart
Senior Consultant
Sage Growth Partners
Mike Nedelcovych
DRACEN Pharmaceuticals

Career Pathways Explored at JHTV

Student fellows can work in all areas of JHTV and are exposed to each department’s work through seminars and networking.

Cultivate contacts and generate interest in Johns Hopkins technologies by creating compelling descriptions and fine-tuned value propositions for companies of all sizes.

Provide inventors a sense of their impact, including understanding currently unmet needs, and the market opportunity for innovation.

Learn about the relationships with companies that have their next steps in mind, and how Johns Hopkins keeps those firms informed about opportunities to license technologies that will give them a market edge.

Explore patent law and other aspects of protecting inventors and JHU technologies.

Gain an inside look at how Hopkins engages companies to develop each technology from idea to the real deal via contracts, financing, royalty payments, and more.

Provide strong attention to detail to JHTV and into their next role as they follow licenses to make sure every party involved in a deal stays on track.

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