A woman’s right to pump her breast milk is legally protected in the United States, however, the privilege doesn’t extend to incarcerated moms. Just like the ability to deliver with dignity, the ability to breastfeed is a right that prisons constantly violate. For incarcerated mothers who want to breastfeed their children, not being able to do so becomes a cruel addition to their punishment.

BOOB’R is an innovative program that encourages incarcerated new moms to maintain their breast milk supply, reinforcing maternal bonds and providing health benefits to their newborns.

As part of Reproductive Justice Inside (RJI), BOOB’R will work to challenge and erase the stigma for individuals who want to breastfeed while incarcerated, advocate for change within the prison system, and the establishment of lactation support for mothers behind bars.

BOOB’R – for when mom can’t be there, her breast milk can.

Read our interview with BOOB’R.


Kimberly Haven
Executive Director




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