Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures is the technology transfer office representing all Johns Hopkins technologies including those from the Whiting School of Engineering; we also support corporate research partnerships and venture creation. Contact Lisa Schwier, Senior Licensing Associate, for questions about our energy portfolio and partnerships. Scan the QR code to save this page.

Technology Licensing

The following is a sampling of unlicensed energy technologies from Johns Hopkins University. A full list of our technologies is available at our searchable database.

A Method of Post-synthetic Modification of Metal-organic Frameworks for Enhancing Hydrophilicity and Water Stability of Metal-organic Frameworks in Water Sorption
Diffuse-Light-Collecting Integrated Concentrator Lenses for Photovoltaics
Efficient and Selective Conversion of High Density Polyethylene into Valuable Hydrocarbons
Electrochemical Capture CO2 From Air with Electricity Storage
Flexible Transparent Membrane Light Emitting Diode Array
Free-floating, Readily Deployable Wave Power Converters
Lithium-Sulfur and Sodium-Sulfur Battery Cathodes
Negative-Carbon Cement (NC2)
Pulsed Electrochemical Deposition of Ordered Intermetallic Carbon Composites for Advanced Electrocatalytic Applications
Ultra-Stable Silicon Anode by Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitecture Design

Sponsored Research Collaborations

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures’ Corporate Partnerships team is the university’s front door for corporate partners seeking academic collaboration. We specialize in facilitating industry collaborations and managing research alliances that translate the novel work of Johns Hopkins researchers into real-world applications. Visit our Corporate Partnerships webpage or contact Connor Larkin to learn more about sponsoring research at JHU. 


Several early-stage energy startups (including this geothermal energy startup) are taking shape at Johns Hopkins. Contact Lisa Schwier to learn more about our energy startup pipeline. 

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Questions about Johns Hopkins energy portfolio and partnerships? Connect with Lisa!

Lisa Schwier

Sr. Technology Licensing Associate