In an effort to promote entrepreneurship and adoption of leading digital technologies in a responsible and inclusive manner, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures and Microsoft Corporation announce the third year of translational support called the Microsoft Innovation Acceleration Award.

Applications are now closed. 

Johns Hopkins University faculty, students, and affiliated startups.

Award Details:

At least three awardees will receive:

  • An award of up to $50,000 to advance technology or support startups focused on using Digital Solutions, Computer Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to use modern solutions to address societal problems and create markets.
  • Engagement with a Microsoft technical team of cloud solution architects and developers
  • Free co-working desk at FastForward for one year
  • Admission to Microsoft for Startups, an exclusive program which includes:
    • Up to $120,000 in Microsoft Azure Cloud credits for up to 24 months
    • Licenses for 25 instances of Microsoft Office365
    • Licenses for up to 10 instances of Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition
    • Technical support
    • Commercialization / business support, Go to Market and Co-selling readiness consultation from a Microsoft Partner Development Manager

Application Components:

  • Problem/Opportunity being addressed: Describe the specific problem you are trying to solve or opportunity you are trying to address with an emphasis on how digital solutions can play a key role. Additional information should describe any studies or data generated as well as any intellectual property secured for the technology.
  • Solution and Value Proposition: Describe the potential product/service as well as target customers, and why they are likely users/purchasers.
  • Competing Products and Companies
  • Potential Addressable Market: Describe the size of the potential addressable market in terms of number of users/customers, the average revenue per user/customer (which can be used to compute the total market size), and an estimated five-year annual growth rate of these numbers.
  • 12 Month Action Plan, Impact of Award and Risk Factors: Describe the general development plan, specific milestones you are looking to accomplish over the next 12 months, why these milestones are significant/impactful, and the primary risk factors involved.
    • Funding raised to date (include specific amount and sources)
    • Proposed Budget (specifically, how the grant will be spent)
    • Team description (individuals, affiliations and roles)
    • Anything else you believe is important to consider


Mark oversees the Microsoft Innovation Award process for JHTV and is available to answer any questions you have while applying for this award.

Mark VanderZyl

Associate Director, Startup Advancement