Hodson Hall, Homewood Campus

HopHacks is a 36-hour annual, student-led Hackathon held at the Johns Hopkins University that encourages engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs to explore new ideas and create new applications.

Teams of up to four university students gather together and work on projects from scratch. At the end of the hackathon, teams present their projects to judges and compete for the top three prizes: $1,024, $512, or $256!  Any university student enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate program may participate. High school students may NOT participate. There are two tracks to choose from:

General Track
Open to all HopHacks hackers. Take this open-ended opportunity to collaborate alongside others of all skills and experience levels and hack to your heart’s desire.

Patient Safety Technology Challenge
Engages with students to build solutions focused on avoiding medical error and reducing preventable patient harm. Bring your software or hardware ideas to life by aligning it to one of the following problems categories and help reimagine tech-enabled health care systems.

  • Medication-related
  • Medical complications with patient care
  • Procedure/surgery-related
  • Infections
  • Diagnostic errors

HopHacks is held at Hodson Hall on the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus in Baltimore, MD. We will be fully in-person this year and unfortunately, there will be no way to attend virtually.

Sleeping Arrangements:
Sleeping rooms will be set aside for visiting students, although you should still bring your own blankets/sleeping bags/plushies/etc. These areas will be specified on our website closer to the event and also denoted with signs. Hopkins students may return to their dorms to sleep, but may not hack outside of the designated HopHacks buildings.

At registration, all participants will be given a wristband which MUST BE VISIBLE when you are getting food. If you do not have your wristband, you will not be able to get food.

Email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can message us at our Instagram page and one of our team members will respond accordingly.