Join FastForward U and  Lauretta Hamza, Senior Communications & Marketing Analyst at Helium Health on Zoom and explore how meaningful relationships can drive strategic partnerships to accelerate your venture’s growth.

Securing customers is not an easy achievement, especially for early-stage founders. Strategic partnerships are a valuable tool to build traction and validate your product, at any level. Join Lauretta Hamza, Senior Communications and Marketing Analyst at Helium Health, and FastForward U for an engaging virtual workshop next Wednesday, October 25 at 1 PM and “demystify the art behind strategic partnerships”. We’ll answer the following and more:

  • What types of partnerships exist?
  • How do I know I’m ready to establish a partnership?
  • What do I distinguish between a “bad” vs “good” partnership?
  • What role does my network play in building a ‘partnership pipeline’?