Dr. Sashank Reddy grew to love Charm City while attending The Johns Hopkins University in 1996 as a Beneficial Hodson scholar. The Wisconsin native obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology and humanistic studies at Hopkins before moving to Harvard Medical School to complete his MD and PhD under the auspices of the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program.

After a brief stint at Third Rock Ventures, Boston’s premier life sciences venture creation firm, Reddy returned to Baltimore—and Hopkins—in 2011 as a plastic and reconstructive surgery resident. He later co-founded and ran LifeSprout, a FastForward 1812-based company that is developing the next generation of synthetic soft tissue substitutes for aesthetic and reconstructive medicine. Reddy is now taking on a new role as Medical Director of Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, where he is tasked with helping to move science and medicine from concept into practice.