“The Commercialization Academy fellowship through JHTV has been the ideal capstone for my graduate training program in translational research. I’ve been able to leverage my skills as a researcher while gaining valuable insights into how to approach intellectual property protection, marketing analyses, and technology valuations. I would recommend the fellowship to any graduate student who is interested in the business of science, patent law, or just wants to make the largest impact possible with their translational research.”

-Jess Miciak, Strategy and Decision Support at Blackbird Laboratories

“The Commercialization Academy Fellowship has taught me so much about technology management and business development. As a startup founder, this fellowship has provided me with many translational skills which are applicable to almost everything I do. I’d highly recommend the fellowship to other undergraduates interested in entrepreneurship, commercialization, and industry!”

-Selena Shirkin, Founder of StetPulse LLC and Fetal Therapy Technologies