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Startup news

    • MindX Names Julia Brown as CEO
      Brown is a cofounder of EpiWatch, a Johns Hopkins-developed seizure detection and data tracking platform that found use as an Apple Watch app.
    • How PGDx Raised $75M in Funding
      Justin Klein of New Enterprise Associates explained what makes Personal Genome Diagnostics so backable. “Some of the things I’d say PGDx did really well, and that are generally great things for young startups to keep in mind are: Make sure that you’ve laid a strong foundation with a technology that has been validated, and that the technology you have is really in a place where it’s ready to be scaled,” he said.
    • How Protenus Fast-Tracked Hiring With a More Focused Strategy
      Megan Emhoff, the VP of People Operations, sat for a series of interview to explain she set and executed a vision for growing the company’s recruiting strategy, and what she learned from it, and recently published an ebook deep dive on what we learned.
    • Personal Genome Diagnostics Names CFO, New Board Members
      Jack Crowley previously served as CFO of Lantheus Medical Imaging. Joining the company’s board are Kavita Patel, a venture partner with PGDx investor New Enterprise Associates, and Garry Allen Nicholson, who served for seven years as president of Pfizer Oncology.
    • Sonavex Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for EchoSure
      The EchoSure system combines 3D ultrasound imaging with advanced deep learning algorithms to automate visual and quantitative blood flow monitoring after surgery, according to the company. Coupled with Sonavex’s EchoMark bioresorbable markers, EchoSure eliminates the need for ultrasound expertise in order to measure blood flow, according to the company.
    • PathoVax Secures $300K in Federal Funding
      The SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute will go toward “imbuing thermostable and single-dose properties” into the company’s HPV vaccine RGVax. The new formulation will enhance the vaccine.
    • Vixiar raises $1.5M
      The Annapolis firm is developing non-invasive devices and systems for monitoring cardiopulmonary diseases. The company said the new funding will be used to complete an ongoing clinical trial and to prepare for regulatory submissions for its first medical device.

Other news

    • B-360 Featured on ‘CBS Evening News’
      Brittany Young and B-360, an organization she started that uses dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline and build bridges in communities in Baltimore, were featured during the national “CBS Evening News” on Thursday night.
    • Md. investment money drops in Q1, but analyst preaches caution
      Despite a significantly lower number than the state had seen in nine quarters, the low total should be seen as a blip on the radar for now, said Brad Phillips, director of emerging company services at PwC. The number of overall deals rose to 18 — up from 12 last quarter — but the biggest deals were $15 million raised by biotech firm Gliknik and computer firm Racktop Systems.
    • JHTV’s Jeanine Pennington Quoted on Oncology Spinoffs, Precision Medicine
      “I know if I talked to our investigators here, and they are especially strong in the diagnostic space, the view is if you can detect the cancer before it needs to be operated on, the chances of survival go up orders of magnitude,” she told Global University Venturing. “If we can really find cancer early, we can treat it before something shows up in the scan and we may not need surgical intervention.”
    • JHTV’s Helen Montag Discusses How to Handle Controversies in Industry
      “We take very seriously the relationships we build, and when you maintain them with quality people you usually end up fine. I can’t think of an experience where we got in bed with someone who was not a quality player,” she told University-Industry Engagement Advisor. “We’ve had people come here offering relationships we did not end up engaging in because of strong due diligence.”