JHTV offers a variety of ways to help inventors bring the benefits of discovery to the world.

Philanthropic Grant Programs

JHTV offers several philanthropic grant programs established by generous supporters of our mission. These grants are awarded to advance translationally focused research and early product development. They tend to focus on early stage research and ideas that require advancement to reach a point where the technology can be licensed or a startup formed.

Industry Sponsored Research

Increasingly, industry is looking to academia as an early R&D partner. Sponsored research from industry supports Johns Hopkins faculty through collaborations that can leverage the strengths of both academia and industry and bridge the gap between early scientific discovery and its translation into new products. These relationships, which JHTV actively facilitates through its Corporate Partnerships team, typically provide researchers with funding and access to the industry collaborator’s development expertise. Researchers may want to consider a sponsored research agreement to advance research in a targeted, translational fashion.

Venture Funding

Established startups with high growth potential typically seek angel or venture capital investment to fund product development, commercialization and growth. JHTV networks with regional, national and global investors, including angels and venture capitalists, to identify where investors’ focus overlaps with FastForward startups’ solutions. This includes a number of venture firms with a regular presence on the Hopkins campus, including Hopkins-focused life sciences fund Bluefield Innovations. In addition to facilitating investor meetings, the JHTV team guides startups through business plan development, pitching and other soft skills.