Baltimore, MD

Back for the 18th year, Women Spanning the Globe brings together more than 600 in-person and virtual attendees from around the world for a day of learning, inspiration, and connection.

We live in a world where expectations are constantly changing. Expectations others have for us and expectations we have for ourselves are dynamic and evolving. Finding time to focus and take action on how to be our best selves is challenging to prioritize.
The 2024 Women Spanning the Globe conference is designed specifically to give you that time. Our three-pronged theme of “Embrace. Empower. Elevate.”  will give you the tools to take action today on ways to navigate with clarity and positivism.Join us to Embrace innovative ways of thinking, Empower yourself and others to activate a stronger collective network, and Elevate your professional performance and the personal contributions that make you the amazing person that you are.
Event Details
May 15 | 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
American Visionary Art Museum

Randi Braun
CEO, Something Major
Re-imagining Wellbeing, Leadership, and Longevity
Conventional advice on how to organize your life can be useful. But those life hacks are broad, and don’t take into account each of our unique circumstances. It’s time to revisit that advice for women living in today’s world, and to take bold steps toward achieving your goals.