Columbia, MD

Join the Maryland Innovation Center for another transformative experience where like-minded professional women come together to connect and collaborate in community with each other. This month’s Women’s Catalyst Circle (formerly 3 C Circle) is designed to empower women to embrace their inner power and step into their full leadership potential. In this immersive and empowering Circle experience, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, tapping into your inherent power, confidence, and authority.

Led by Transformative Leadership Coach Natalie Jobity with guest, Mindfulness Facilitator, Anura Desai, this Circle invites you to partake in a safe, sacred, authentic space for you to reflect, share, and grow. You will have the opportunity to engage in deep introspection, engage in a special guided visualization exercise, share your perspectives and challenges, and leave empowered to take the reins of your career or business more intentionally.

This Circle experience is ideal for professional women at all stages of their careers who are seeking to step into their power, embrace their unique qualities, and make a meaningful impact. Whether you are an emerging leader or an established professional, this experience will provide you with the tools, inspiration, and support to reign in success and lead with confidence.

This month’s Women’s Catalyst Circle will be held at Café Columbia, a beautiful space in downtown Columbia where manager Kytu Khong will prepare her fantastic crepes for all participants. We hope you will join us to unlock your true potential as a leader, empower yourself, inspire others, and position yourself for a future where you reign successfully.

About our Speaker:
Natalie Jobity is a Transformational Leadership Coach, Personal Brand Strategist, Author, and Speaker. She integrates her 25 years of marketing, image consulting, entrepreneurship and coaching expertise with her strategic prowess, creative ingenuity, and her innate ability to spot potential to help women rise to their highest leadership echelons as the “Brilliance Unveiler.”

Natalie works with seasoned professional women and entrepreneurs to empower them to unveil their brilliance so they can transform into the next-level version of themselves needed to make their impact and lead unapologetically in their arena.