CONNECTpreneur Virtual Rocket Pitch events are the World’s Largest investor pitch events, with the largest attendance of accredited investors, VCs, private investors and angels. We will email you the LINK to the event on the evening of March 29, as well as the morning of March 30. This will be our 90th event (39th Virtual) over the last 12 years.

Program Highlights:

  • “Virtual Networking” pre and post-program – via Private Message, and Breakout Rooms
  • We feature Breakout Rooms after the Pitch portion of the event. Each Breakout Room is hosted by a Presenting Company. Attendees will be able to enter and leave any Breakout Room at their convenience.
  • Who will be online? We expect 500+ business leaders, including 200+ CEOs & Founders, as well as 200+ angels & VCs from around the USA.
  • “Rocket Pitch” Showcase of promising emerging tech companies.
  • This is a virtual “Meeting,” NOT a “webinar.” All attendees will be able to see and message all other attendees
  • ┬áInvestor Polling – investors can indicate their interest in each Presenting Company, for post-event follow-up.
  • We will publish a full list of all registrants – name, title, and company name to enhance networking.