CONNECTpreneur Virtual Rocket Pitch events are the World’s Largest investor pitch events, with the greatest number of accredited investors, VCs, private investors and angels. CONNECTpreneur is a bi-monthly networking mashup that has been attended by 25,000+ business leaders over the past 12 years. Our events are cited as “The Best Networking Events in the MidAtlantic” by independent media as well as over 70% of surveyed past attendees.

Program Highlights:

  • “Virtual Networking” pre and post-program – via Private Message, and Breakout Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms after the Pitch portion of the events. Each Breakout Room is hosted by a Presenting Company. Attendees will be able to enter and leave any Breakout Room at their convenience.
  • 400+ business leaders, including 150+ CEOs & Founders, as well as 150+ angels & VCs from around the USA are expected.
  • “Rocket Pitch” Showcase of promising emerging tech companies.
  • These are virtual “Meetings” NOT “webinars”. All attendees can see and direct message all other attendees.
  • Investor Polling: Investors can indicate their interest in each Presenting Company for post-event follow-up.
  • Full list of all registrants – name, title, and company name to enhance networking will be published.