A virtual get-together for Maryland-based academic institutions

A brief review of the history, successes, and motivation for why technology transfer is essential for academic research to achieve its full potential and maximum impact for society and the economy

Discovery, learning, and societal engagement are mutually supportive core missions of the research university. Transfer of knowledge to those in society who can make use of it for the general good contributes to each of these missions.

US Universities invest over $60B annually in its research activities. What are the societal and economic returns?

We’ll discuss the foundations for research and technology transfer at universities and review the return produced by this significant investment in capital, infrastructure, and talent. While we can all agree that the mission of the university research enterprise is to create and disseminate knowledge, the mechanisms and approaches for achieving those objectives, including technology transfer, can vary.

Ken Porter, Director, UM Ventures-College Park
University of Maryland

Steve Kousouris Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
Johns Hopkins University

1:00-1:25: Communicating the Value of Academic Tech Transfer
1:25-1:40: JHTV: How JHU Culture Was Influenced by Tech Transfer
1:40-1:55: Discussion
1:55-2:15 Speed Dating: meet your colleagues from other universities in breakout rooms
2:15-2:30 Open Discussion

Organized and hosted by UM Ventures at the University of Maryland