Johns Hopkins Hospital

Discussion lead by Gopal Avinash, Ph.D., Senior Director, Edison AI Data Services, GE Healthcare

Tuesday, December 17
5:00 – 6:15 pm
Zayed Main Floor: Arcade Conference Room
5:00 –5:15 pm –Hors d’oeuvres/ Discussion
5:15 –6:100 pm –Seminar

 A century of innovation in medical devices helped transform diagnostic and interventional medicine. Novel transducers, scanners, contrast agents, and monitoring devices that are integral to patient care are now seeing an increased level of software integration to augment performance. In the current decade, software based on machine learning approaches is becoming more common as researchers leverage AI, deep learning, and reinforcement learning as cutting edge tools in analyzing medical data.

This seminar will discuss the process of building smart medical imaging devices, beginning with smart workflows to simplify and promote consistent data acquisition. It will delve technical advances in the “raw” data space of medical imaging and address regulatory considerations that are essential to bringing AI-embedded devices to broad clinical practice. Looking forward, one can anticipate the integration of AI-embedded medical devices and AI-empowered data analysis to transform the healthcare industry by optimizing cost, quality, and efficiency of health care delivery.