Johnson & Johnson present Jonathan Norris Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank and a panel of speakers to discuss venture fundraising in healthcare.

With pullback in both investments and public market performance in late 2021, what will 2022 have in store? Jon will provide his unique insights into 2021s market performance and his crystal ball predictions for 2022, including:

• How the 2021 healthcare landscape compares to previous years

• Current and total healthcare and sector investments and predictions for 2022

• Which Biopharma indications attracted the most funds

• Which venture firms are most active and what crossover activity will look like going forward

• Exits: the trends in IPOs and M&A’s and what to expect in 2022

Jon’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with leading healthcare venture investors. They will provide insights of what the report means for the industry, innovators, and their investing as well as their personal views and interests on the venture industry now and in the future.

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