Pava Marie LaPere Center for Entrepreneurship

The Social Innovation Lab at Johns Hopkins University invites you to join us in-person for our annual accelerator showcase event that will feature our cohort of changemakers building ventures to create sustainable change with a measurable impact — all while starting right here in Baltimore city.

Event details:

  • SIL Cohort 2024 teams will compete for prizes
  • Opportunity to vote for the Audience Choice Award
  • Networking and delicious cuisine will be served

The Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab (SIL) accelerates leaders and ventures building innovative, sustainable, and scalable solutions in Baltimore that work towards a healthy and prosperous world. We aim to see mission-driven ventures from both the Johns Hopkins and Baltimore communities develop into thriving ventures with measurable impacts.

Registration now open!

Teams profiled include:

  1. Backyard Basecamp/Project Healthy Communities
    Mission: Drive positive change by mobilizing resources for under-resourced Baltimore communities.
    Application: Elevate social determinants of health with a focus on black, indigenous or people of color.
  2. Divaneering Impact Lab
    Mission: Catalyze inspiration, innovation and impact.
    Application: Cultivate future female STEM leaders, fostering social change, by inviting them into a familiar and welcoming hub. Practical experience is gained by direct involvement in all that happens in startups, from inception to launch and beyond.
  3. JJ Innovative Materials
    Mission: Develop a commercial application for environmentally responsible and carbon-negative construction materials.
    Application/Technology: Proprietary hemp-based concrete (hempcrete)
  4. Metallic Luxury
    Mission: Using modular container construction techniques, create a sustainable community development company with a mission to generate buy-in for generational families and businesses being priced out of conventional housing.
    Application: Work toward a sustainable community through modular container construction techniques.
  5. NAV
    Mission: Empower teens in Baltimore to navigate mental well-being challenges.
    Application: Provide access to mental health resources and foster a stigma-free community for ages 13–18.
  6. Next Generation Language Access
    Mission: Youth Education/Workforce Development; train high school students as professional interpreters in community settings in Baltimore and beyond to assist in the understanding of health care systems, legal systems and more.
    Application: Deliver Community Interpreter® training to eligible multilingual students, with a focus on Baltimore communities.
  7. NovvaCup
    Mission: Combine reusability, sustainability, and affordability of menstrual cups with tampon convenience.
    Application: Putting the user and the planet first, via reusability and convenience.
  8. Sacred House
    Mission: Establish a holistic wellness and community hub in Baltimore communities that miss out on this kind of synergy.
    Application: Offer comprehensive wellness services and foster a supportive, inclusive community focusing on community health and food insecurity.
  9. Sweet Bee Services
    Mission: Address maternal mortality in the U.S.
    Application: Offer continuous postpartum care at Salama Wellness Centers.
  10.  ZROin
    Mission: Convert brick-and-mortar retail into smart stores.
    Application: Integrate 360 Matterport technology and e-commerce solutions to improve and elevate physical and digital shopping experiences in underserved communities.