ANCHOR VENTURES PRESENTS: Trauma, Wound Care, and Emergency Medicine Technology and Impacts in Maryland
Dive into Baltimore’s shock trauma and emergency medicine technology ecosystem in a two-part series. Learn about the technologies that are emerging and the challenges of commercializing them, areas of unmet need, and how local institutions are supporting technology development.

The second part of this series will be focused on the regional landscape of shock truama and emergency medicine technology commercialization. Led by Emily English, PhD, former cheif executive officer of Gemstone Biotherapeutics, the discussion will illustrate the challenges of moving to the venture capital stage and the financing needed to get there. Learn how Baltimore’s diverse life science innovation and technology development ecosystem has strengthened the region and has been leveraged to attract more investment.

Emily English, PhD
 Director of Quality, Cartesian Therapeutics, Inc.

Jesse Christopher
CEO and Co-Founder, Longeviti Neuro Solutions

Chibueze Ihenacho
CEO and Co-Founder, ARMR Systems

B. Christie Vu
Program Manager and Contract Officer Representative,
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs,
US Army Medical Research and Development Command

Carolyn Yarina
CEO and Co-Founder, Sisu Global