A virtual weekly program created specifically for C-level leaders who look to strengthen and grow their operations and teams through the development and implementation of a strategic plan to improve their business. Leaders from companies with minimum revenues from $550K and up in any industry are encouraged to apply.
The SCALEUP Maryland program is based on understanding the five key aspects of growth: leadership, marketing, sales, operations and finance. These key areas will help leaders to put their learnings into actions to grow their business. During each session facilitators and the peer team will help guide, challenge and will help uncover your specific path to grow your business through the development of a strategic plan. 
The program requires a commitment from leaders to participate in ALL sessions. Participants will complete a weekly assignment prior to each session and during the sessions, expert facilitators will guide and lead peer to peer group discussions on the designated topic. As the program progresses, participants will use their learnings to develop strategic action plans which will facilitate growth and enhance their operations. Direct reports in specialized areas are welcome to participate in sessions, helping to share the understanding of the information being shared and to build and execute the company’s strategic plan. 


Prior to each session, participants will complete a pre designated assignment and answer a set of questions. Assignments, which may take up to 45 min to an hour may consist of required book reading(s), reviewing a presentations or watching a recommended video.
Weekly Sessions
The program kicks off February 13 and concludes May 7, 2024.  The sessions are conducted virtual however there may be up to 2, IN PERSON sessions and will be determined by the Cohort. Sessions are 1- 1/2 hours in length. Each session begins promptly at 4pm every TUESDAY starting February 13.  There will be no class Tuesday, March 19 due to SPRING BREAK.
Upon being accepted into the Spring Cohort, participants are required to purchase the book SCALE by Jeff Hoffman & David Finkel ($30.00 USD).

Marjie Cota, bwtech@UMBC or Doug Zeisel, Managing Partner, TCV Growth Partners

Program funded by 
The Maryland Department of Commerce, Baltimore County Economic Group and the T Rowe Price Foundation. 
Application Deadline 
January 12, 2024