Minority Innovation Weekend (MIW) is a weekend summit dedicated to aiding innovators of color with launch tech-focused startups, exploring trending technologies, and showcasing tech startups that have a minority founder or co-founder. MIW’s goal is to facilitate innovators of color learning how to take an idea or concept and launch a tech-focused business. MIW will bring experienced speakers and tech enthusiasts together for a weekend of presentations and more.

  • Startup Fundamentals – Gathers tech-startup founders to educate attendees on many of the steps required to take a tech-focused idea or concept and launch a successful company.
  • Cybersecurity – Brings together leading cyber security practitioners to discuss the most prevalent cybersecurity challenges and encourage track attendees to launch tech-focused startups to address them.
  • Health Tech Innovation – Connects innovators and organizations from various fields interested in discussing and developing tech-focused solutions to resolve health challenges.
  • Environmental Tech Innovation – Assembles experts in environmental science and environmental technology (envirotech) for insightful presentations and discussions on developing tech-focused solutions to address environmental challenges.

MIW is part of the National Society of Black Engineers – Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter (NBSE-BMAC) Minority Innovation Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with SHPE-DC, etc.