FastForward, 1812 Ashland Ave.

Enabling Technologies and Services for Faster, More Cost-Effective Research

Guest Speaker: Mark Federici

Developing therapies for human disease continues to face obstacles in translating targets and compounds identified, validated and optimized from in vitro studies to viable targets or efficacious and safe compounds once tested in humans. Here we discuss strategies to increase the relevance of cell models for these in vitro approaches by using primary cells coupled with various detection technologies for use in target identification and/or safety pharmacology. We review the current advances in genome engineering and how to leverage a portfolio of these tools to generate knock-out and knock-in models for use in target or compound identification. We extend that approach to its use with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCSs) to build isogenic disease models, which can be further differentiated to various cell types of interest that are more directly related to a disease area than commonly used immortalized cell lines.

In this seminar, we will present an executive level overview of Thermo Fisher’s Bioscience Division, the biological capabilities and enabling technologies we provide, as well as the services available across our diverse portfolio. We will also highlight our emerging 3D portfolio which contains cells, medias, scaffolds and instrumentation to support your organoid and spheroid culture R&D efforts.

Thermo Fisher will be providing equipment demos after the presentation.

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