Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, or CTI, is a unique joint drug discovery model focused on collaborating with leading academic medical centers to rapidly translate novel target opportunities into new medicines.

In collaboration with JHTV, Pfizer CTI requests proposals for therapeutic targets. Submission entails a non-confidential 2-3 page overview of the target, mechanism, evidence for disease linkage, and the proposed therapeutic drug. At a high level, the pre-proposal should suggest how the therapeutic hypothesis could be tested in the clinic.

The Fall Cycle call for proposals is currently underway. The pre-proposal template can be found here. There are also helpful tips for what Pfizer scientists look for in a small molecule pre-proposal.

Please submit non-confidential pre-proposals to Corporate Partnerships at JHTV (Sean Evans) by Sept. 21. Please note that proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis so feel free to submit your final pre-proposal at any time before the deadline.

For more information about Pfizer CTI and the current RFP, please RSVP to the virtual webinar.