Join us on online during FutureFest to explore some of Johns Hopkins’ most exciting intellectual property that YOU could build a business around. Team up and design a venture idea around your favorite IP in this highly-collaborative, think-tank workshop from FastForward U. This event will feature a panel of employer judges and cash prizes…and it might even lead to your new startup idea!

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  • Q: Do I have to have a business idea in advance?
    • A: Nope! We’re providing great speakers and intellectual property from our colleagues around Johns Hopkins to give you a head start on building a business.


  • Q: What sorts of intellectual property will we be given?
    • A: All kinds! Johns Hopkins has a wealth of available intellectual property to help address needs in many industries, including healthcare, tech, and finance.


  • Q: Where will this exciting event be held?
    • A: We will be holding this online as part of FutureFest. Of course, you can feel free to come by FastForward U (the Johns Hopkins accelerator that is open to all students) if you want afterwards!