Applications are open for Hexcite, the Johns Hopkins early-stage medical software accelerator.

Through 16 weeks of business and technical design workshops, Johns Hopkins clinical entrepreneurs collaborate with a diverse team of business, technology, and design leaders.


Hexcite (Excited for Healthcare) is an early-stage medical software accelerator program for entrepreneurs hosted by the Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology Innovation Center in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.

Care providers with an idea who are eager to drive change within their practice are matched with business, design, and technical team members to work together in creating a software solution that will improve patient care.

Weekly, expert-led virtual sessions help teams navigate the first steps of business and technical design using the Lean Start-up methodology which focuses on growing a business with maximum acceleration.

Following the 16-weeks of inventive virtual programming and mentorship, Hexcite teams are prepared to build their technology with the TIC, conduct an internal pilot at Johns Hopkins, and launch a Baltimore start-up.