Pava Marie LaPere Center for Entrepreneurship

Join us IN PERSON at FastForward U for our Fall 2023 Fuel Demo Day as we watch the Fall 2023 cohort answer questions from our judges’ panel for the chance to take home a slice of the $20,000 prize pool!

At Demo Day on Dec. 6, each of the 10 teams will be presenting their pitch and then answering Q&A from our judges panel afterwards. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to vote on your favorite venture as a crowd choice favorite! The team with the most votes will receive an extra $5,000 for their venture.

FastForward U
320 W 28th St, Suite #200,
Baltimore, MD 21211

Can’t make it in person to Demo Day? No problem – we now have virtual tickets available! Select the “Free – VIRTUAL Ticket on Zoom” and you will receive a Zoom link. 

About the Teams:

  • Aquapitas: Building technology for water utilities to predict and prevent water main breaks. We detect pipe conditions in real time with our free-swimming device.
  • Leverages state-of-the-art, fine-tuned AI language models trained and optimized on thousands of EHR transcriptions. We designed our product to summarize and extract insights from patient notes over time.
  • CounselAI: A criminal attorney’s co-pilot to assist in case investigation for high-volume case discovery. We leverage AI to provide critical case analytics and to ultimately give clients the defense they deserve.
  • Delight Dose: A pioneering food tech startup focused on revolutionizing coffee consumption by offering a unique and innovative stain-free coffee product that prioritizes oral health without compromising on taste.
  • Medland: Peer-to-Peer lending platform for physicians. We help physicians who often face financial barriers establish their medical practices. From acquiring advanced equipment, to leasing clinic spaces, and more.
  • Nursetech: Developed the Cordflex device, a mobile, customizable, disposable clip that is quickly and easily attachable to multiple services and organizes all standard tubes, cords, catheters, lines, or cables. Cordflex was designed for the ICU and other hospital settings, making cord management safer and 37% faster which saves ICU’s approximately $100k yearly in time costs alone.
  • Orbit: Develops integrative neurotech to enhance entertainment experiences, particularly video games. By stimulating your vestibular system, we can induce hallucinations of movement even when you’re sitting still.
  • Owlsted: A platform seeking to reduce variance in surgeon performance through machine learning analysis of operative video.
  • SmarTIVA: A closed loop total intravenous anesthesia device that uses real time data from the patient’s EEG and haemodynamic variables to automatically adjust the dose of anesthetic drugs. The system also incorporates an EEG simulator and signal generator for the training and education of anesthesiologists.
  • Somnair: Developing an entirely non-invasive, neurostimulation device for Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a highly prevalent disease characterized by repeated airway obstruction during sleep.

Judges Panel: