Inventors and startup founders are invited to attend a webinar panel series offered by Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV). This series was developed to help inventors and founders avoid blind spots and learn best practices for launching and scaling successful startups.

Webinar Session 8: Regulator Strategies: Medical Devices & Digital Technologies

Our panel will discuss how to navigate the regulatory process for bringing new medical device and digital technologies to market.


  • Determining the regulatory pathway
  • Working with consultants
  • Pre-submissions
  • 510(k) and predicate devices
  • Medical devices, digital, and other regulatory paths
  • Ties to clinical trial design


  • Peter Hoban, VP – Product Strategy at Oncospace
  • David Narrow, CEO at Sonavex
  • Kelliann Wachrathit-Kub, Regulatory Affairs Consultant and Mentor-in-Residence at JHTV