Inventors and startup founders are invited to attend a new panel series offered by Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV). This four-part series will help inventors and founders avoid blind spots and learn best practices for launching and scaling successful startups.

Session 4 is scheduled for JUNE 28 at noon on Zoom.

Four-part startup panel series with veteran startup CEOs, mentors, and industry partners

  • Session 1 – Idea Stage and Planning
  • Session 2 – Getting it Off the Ground
  • Session 3 – Important Nuts and Bolts
  • Session 4 – Scaling and Keeping it Going


  • Open to the public
  • Designed for JHU faculty and students, potential CEOs, and early-stage startups
  • Limited number of in-person seats may be available later in the spring


  • Building the Operating Team: What roles?
  • Managing Your Startup
    • Milestone management is everything!
    • Detail it in your operating plan
    • KISS: 2 tabs in a spreadsheet
  • Talent, HR, Documentation
    • Building and sustaining a culture
    • Managing turnover and turmoil


  • Dr. Steven Bannon – Human Resources Executive
  • Nick Culbertson – CEO, Protenus
  • Graham Dodge – Former CEO, Sickweather and JHTV Mentor in Residence
  • Ben Gibbs – CEO, Ready Robotics