Inventors and startup founders are invited to attend a new panel series offered by Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV). This four-part series will help inventors and founders avoid blind spots and learn best practices for launching and scaling successful startups.

Session one is scheduled for March 23 at noon and future session dates will be announced soon.

Four-part startup panel series with veteran startup CEOs, mentors, and industry partners

  • Session 1 – Idea Stage and Planning
  • Session 2 – Getting it Off the Ground
  • Session 3 – Important Nuts and Bolts
  • Session 4 – Scaling and Keeping it Going


  • Open to the public
  • Designed for JHU faculty and students, potential CEOs, and early-stage startups
  • Limited number of in-person seats may be available later in the spring


  • Monthly from March-June
  • 12-1 PM
  • Virtual via Zoom


  • What does a startup CEO do?
    • Job description
    • Decision making, business planning, milestones, resources
  • Finding a startup CEO
    • Groom: Post-docs, PhD students, etc.
    • Recruit: Seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Discovery to market
    • Mapping markets and customers
    • Testing the market and feedback


  • Doug Falk CEO, Vita Therapeutics
  • Ric Hughen CEO, Linshom and JHTV Mentor
  • Kristen Valdes CEO, b.well Connected Health


  • Develop a one-year operating plan
  • Build the founder team
  • Create an advisory board
  • Raise capital
  • Company formation best practices
  • General corporate governance considerations
  • Establish compensation
  • Understand funding options
  • Build the operating team
  • Milestone management
  • Manage HR, talent and documentation