Graduate students are invited to apply and enter the Danaher Case Competition hosted by the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
and Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club and sponsored by the Danaher Corporation and Johns Hopkins Alumni Association.

Case Challenge: How can innovation in acute care diagnostics leveraging big data sets (e.g., clinical/healthcare data, patient surveys, wearables, smart phone apps, social media, social determinants) be used to generate a business model to achieve a measurable and sustainable impact on individual and local health populations?

Successful case competition teams must work together closely and intensely. Teams should be groups of 3-5 people from the same university (graduate students of which there is at least one MBA student) with varied expertise and experiences. The best teams are diverse and have skill sets and experience that can address the case presented. It is important to get to know each other well and utilize strengths to execute tasks related to the challenge. Assigning roles and responsibilities thoughtfully to ensure the team can learn to communicate and collaborate well. Please note team member must be from the Carey Business School.

Application Deadline: March 17, 2023
Competition Date: April 29, 2023

Your team should research and analyze the healthcare industry landscape as defined in the problem above and generate insights, conclusions, and recommendations for Danaher. The proposed innovation should enable Danaher to create new business models to derive value from providing such healthcare solutions.

Twenty teams will be selected to participate in the semi-finals, which will include two parts:

  1. A PowerPoint deck that includes any pertinent commentary in the notes section of each slide.
  2. A video not to exceed 7 minutes in which your team presents your deck. You can format your video as a narrated PowerPoint or use other technology. Please upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video and provide us with the link. You do not to need to present all your slide deck (e.g., appendix) in your recording; submissions longer than 7 minutes will not be considered.

Ten of the 20 teams will be invited to the final competition at Carey Business School in Baltimore, MD, at which all teams will present to the judges’ panel. Slide decks are encouraged, as is each person on the team taking part in the presentation. Of the 10 teams, 5 will be chosen to do a final presentation for the judges to compete for the top 3 winners.