Join us for AWS Startup Day, a free virtual event designed to enable and accelerate startup innovation and growth for new and existing startups. This year’s event will dive deep into the unique challenges women founders face as they build and scale disruptive tech startups. We’ll cover topics relevant to all founders, including tips on juggling your personal life while building a business, and how to find great talent that gets your MVP up and running. You’ll also discover the key AWS resources you need to architect a successful startup.

At this event, you will:
  • Listen to startup stories from top women founders, what they would tell their former selves, and the best practices they recommend to other tech-driven women entrepreneurs.
  • Get a step-by-step overview for how to build a better product roadmap—one that keeps you on track for success and scaling efficiently.
  • Discover how to be a better ally to all women, and how to champion wins and learn from losses in productive, empowering ways.

Who Should Attend?

This event is tailored for women founders and women startup employees, but we welcome anyone interested in learning about how AWS enables startups. The event will contain content relevant for any early-stage startup founder.