Telemedicine skyrocketed in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It not only enabled high risk patients to see their clinicians without exposing themselves or others to COVID-19, it also proved to be incredibly convenient and efficient for both patients and providers. Patients were able to save time away from work and health systems were able to triage and treat patients online more efficiently.

Telehealth innovations have exploded to treat everything from mental health to chronic diseases with wearables, software, and AI. Now that the world is returning to normal, is telehealth an answer to make healthcare more user-friendly and efficient in the long run? Is it the new normal in healthcare? Where does it go from here?

Join us for a virtual roundtable to discuss telehealth innovations and its promise for the future.


Mark Komisky
Program Director, Chesapeake Digital Health Exchange


Ethan Booker, MD, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer for Telehealth, MedStar Health

Brian Hasselfeld, MD
Senior Medical Director of Digital Health and Innovation, Johns Hopkins Medicine

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