Virtual and In-Person

From draft sequencing the human genome in 2001, to the development of CRISPR editing tools in 2012, to the first FDA approved gene therapy in 2017, recent progress in genetics and genomics has been astonishing. This year’s symposium will feature the frontiers of this exciting bioengineering research with lectures, panels, and posters to showcase diverse approaches to interrogate genome structure and manipulate gene products. Attendees will learn about nanoscale system developments to deliver gene therapies in tissue and cell specific ways, RNA regulatory dynamics that govern how genotype manifests as phenotype, genomic tagging to reveal lineage relationships in development and disease, and how to bring these advances to patients through safe, efficacious, and equitable genetic medicine development. By surveying this progress, engineers, biologists, and their partners can better understand the grand challenges to altering biological systems.

This is a hybrid event where the lectures and panels will be virtual and the poster session with a reception will be in-person.

Attendance and Registration

The lectures will be held on the Zoom platform.  A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants as the event approaches. Registration for the lectures closes June 9, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET. 

Poster Session and Reception
The poster session and reception will be in the Mudd Hall atrium located on the ground level on the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. Students who wish to present a poster can register using the general registration link.


Auto-generated closed captioning will be available on the Zoom platform. The Mudd Hall atrium is located on the ground level and has automatic doors. If other accessibility needs are needed please contact Gina Wadas at [email protected].