The 10G Challenge is powered by CableLabs in collaboration with industry experts to inspire innovators to leverage the emerging 10G network. The Challenge is designed to support developing technologies, services and applications that rely on the network of the future.

The 10G network is bringing higher internet speeds, more security, lower latency and improved reliability. 10G is a new, powerful broadband network that serves as a platform for innovators to develop new solutions that impact the way we live, work, learn and play.

CableLabs, a leading innovation lab, is committed to helping advance R&D and collaboration for a 10G future. We are innovators helping innovators accelerate the delivery of technologies that impact the world.

How to submit your idea
Entering the contest is easy. To submit, fill out the application and share a 3-minute video about your technology, service or application.
The final deadline to submit is July 1, 2022. 

Your video should include:

  • What problem your technology solves
  • A description or demonstration of your solution
  • Why your technology is dependent on low latency, reliability, security and/or speed
  • How your solution impacts the way we LIVE, WORK, LEARN or PLAY

Submissions are open through July 1, 2022, however, submitting your idea early increases your chances of gaining more People’s Choice votes.


All submissions will be reviewed by representatives from industry experts to determine finalists in each category.


Winners will be chosen by business leaders and will be notified by August 2022.