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Video: LifeSprout Bringing Soft Tissue Reconstruction Alternative to Market

Video: LifeSprout Bringing Soft Tissue Reconstruction Alternative to Market

In 2017, more than a quarter million women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and many will have lumpectomies and mastectomies to remove their tumors and some surrounding tissue.

Though cancer-free, patients who undergo these procedures often have visible defects, even after painful reconstructive surgery, which uses soft tissue taken from another part of the body.

Unsatisfied with current practices that call for invasive reconstructive procedures, Sashank Reddy and Justin Sacks, two plastic surgeons at Johns Hopkins, teamed with Hai-Quan Mao, now the associate director of the University’s Institute for NanoBioTechnology, and Russ Martin, a postdoctoral fellow in Mao’s lab, to create something better.

LifeSprout - FastForward 1812 - Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

The team developed a nanofiber-hydrogel composite material that immediately restores three-dimensional volume, feels like your body’s own soft tissue and can promote tissue regeneration over time. Importantly, while the material retains the shape and structural integrity of native tissue, it can be administered in the office through a simple injection.

Soon after, they co-founded LifeSprout and began working with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) to help bring their novel technology to patients faster. LifeSprout aims to develop a suite of products to address soft tissue needs in the aesthetic and reconstructive markets.

The startup is soon to be a tenant of the FastForward 1812 innovation hub and has taken advantage of the Cohen Translational Engineering Fund and the Louis B. Thalheimer Fund for Translational Research.

(Click here to learn more about JHTV translational funding opportunities.)

The video below tells LifeSprout’s story through the eyes of Kundry Grove, a breast cancer patient who underwent reconstructive surgery.



JHTV Moves Its Headquarters to Eager Park

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures - 1812 AshlandThe 1812 Ashland building has recently sprung to life. On Nov. 28, a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring dignitaries like then-Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Johns Hopkins University President Ronald Daniels welcomed the new six-story building to Eager Park. Two weeks later, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) relocated its headquarters to the building’s first floor.

The 2-mile move from 100 N. Charles St. in downtown Baltimore to 1812 Ashland Ave. positions JHTV within blocks of the Johns Hopkins medical campus. This proximity will facilitate more face-to-face interactions with Johns Hopkins innovators in East Baltimore. JHTV continues to have key personnel stationed on the Homewood campus to ensure innovators there get the support they need.

By mid-January, the first tenants of FastForward 1812, a brand-new state-of-the-art innovation hub located on the first two floors of the 1812 Ashland building, will take office and co-working space. By mid-February, FastForward startups are scheduled to occupy the innovation hub’s 15,000 square feet of wet lab space.

Sharing a building with FastForward innovators will enable JHTV staff members to keep a finger on the pulse of startups’ successes, challenges and needs. Additionally, having industry partners, investors, entrepreneurs, and Johns Hopkins faculty and staff members under one roof will lead to the types of collisions that ultimately drive success.

Besides the JHTV headquarters and the future FastForward space, tenants of the 1812 Ashland building include a Starbucks Opportunity Cafe and JH Genomics, a gene sequencing lab.

This summer, FastForward Homewood will move from the Stieff Silver Building to new, purpose-built space for startups at R. House, a renovated warehouse in the burgeoning Remington neighborhood that sits just a few blocks from the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus.

Want to learn more about our FastForward 1812 innovation hub? Click here!

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