Protect & Commercialize an Invention

Protect & Commercialize an Invention

Report of invention process | Submit a report of invention


To push the boundaries of new scientific and industrial possibilities, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) supports researchers, faculty and staff creating novel scientific and industrial technologies.

Within JHTV, our Technology Transfer group manages Hopkins-created technologies and evaluates their intellectual property and commercial potential along with colleagues in our FastForward and Corporate Partnerships groups.




Below, we provide an overview of the process from report of invention to potential licensing. If you have questions, please contact Steven Kousouris (

report of invention process


  1. Submit a report of invention to JHTV: 
  2. Your report of invention is assigned to an intellectual property manager and a licensing associate who will contact you within two days of your disclosure. From there, the following timeline will be enacted.If for some reason you do not receive an email within two days for your submission or if you have questions, please contact Tina Preston at or 410-955-7290.


  4. The JHTV team will meet and discuss your technology to evaluate the intellectual property and commercialization opportunity.
  5. Within two months of your report of invention, the JHTV team will follow up from the initial meeting to outline a decision on how the office will proceed with intellectual property protection and commercialization strategy.
  6. If the outcome necessitates filing a patent application or if the technology is protected in other forms of intellectual property (copyright, trademark, know-how), you have the opportunity to work with an IP attorney to draft the patent application or other relevant application.
  7. Once a patent is filed, JHTV will start the process for marketing and outreach.Note: In some instances, technologies developed at universities are often too early to garner commercial interest. Other considerations, such as sponsored research, translational funding and forming a startup company, can be considered. If JHTV recommends not filing an immediate patent application, we will discuss your other options, including filing for a different type of IP protection or awaiting additional data.
  8. Licensing takes the form of exclusive or nonexclusive licenses, and JHTV considers the best licensing strategy for technologies on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Upon completion of a license agreement, any cash received by JHTV will be distributed per the terms of the IP Policy:


The 7 Questions: A guide to solidifying the commercial value of an invention

If you have any questions before beginning or as you navigate this process, contact Steven Kousouris (