Yair Flicker is the President and founder of SmartLogic, a Baltimore-based consultancy that has been building custom web and mobile software applications since 2005. SmartLogic works with clients that range from funded startups to Fortune 500 companies. SmartLogic builds responsive web, iOS, and Android apps using progressive, best-of-breed technologies and methods including Elixir/Phoenix, React Native, and Ruby on Rails.

Yair received BS/MSE degrees in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Outside of business, Yair leads a very active lifestyle. Current activities include international travel, running, biking (he’s lived car-free since 2016), squash and piano. Yair is a board member of ETC Baltimore and Maryland/Israel Development Center, was a cofounder of TeamPassword (acquired 2018) and Bikemore, and is on the advisory boards of Betamore and the LifeBridge BioIncubator.