Rahul Yerrabelli is an engineer in the healthtech space, a Johns Hopkins alumn, a medical student at Carle Illinois College of Medicine, and the CTO and co-founder of MoTrack Therapy, a startup that uses AI to track patients doing their physical and occupational therapy exercises using their phone camera. Rahul’s interests and experiences lie at the application of cutting edge data science and engineering to different clinical needs in the health sphere. As a medical student and from setting up clinical trials for testing the MoTrack Therapy technology, Rahul is also experienced with the IRB and clinical trial process, as well as many of the other clinical or legal issues that a medical startup might have to deal with. Lastly, Rahul is a valuable resource on how to validate ideas before any code is written, to make sure to build a product that patients and providers would actually use and purchase, as part of a startup’s long-term sustainable business model.